Innova Mud liquid
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Innova Corporate (India), We are one of the leading Exporter, Manufacturer & suppliers in Lucknow of Innova Mud Liquid from Delhi, India Based, also known as Innova Bond Liquid, Innova Bond liiquid  is an unique polymer developed for application as an earth stabilizer slurry. It offers a multitude of advancements and improvements over conventional mineral based slurry technology (bentonite). It is of high molecular weight, long chain synthetic polymer containing numerous negatively charged sites distributed across their backbones.
It is a non toxic chemical compound. It is a quality polymer with the below mentioned advantages.

1. Environment –friendly and safe.
2. Harmless to aquatic organisms, wild life and human life.
3. Non-Combustible
4. Bio-degradable

Advantages of Innova Mud Liquid:

Innova Mud Liquid provides the following beneficial properties.

1. Small Quantity required
2. Controls fluid loss in sand and gravels
3. Increases safe load capacity of pile through higher skin friction w.r.t. bentonite.
4. Facilitates in quick settlement of fines coming out with bored soil and maints clear fluid.
5. Doesn’t change pH of soil.
6. Does not affect concrete to reinforcement bonding.
7. Improves productivity of machines and manpower by reducing the cleaning of machineries.
8. Requires less mixing time, reducing cost, job site congestions and fuel cost.
9. Doesn’t loose its effectiveness, even when mixed with bentonite.
10. Reduces disposal hazards and cost.
11. Reduces storage area requirement and hence cost.
12. It is not only environmentally safe w.r.t. bentonite, it creates a dust-free and sticky mud-free environment in the site and readily bio-degradable.
13. Lubricates excavating tools, lessens friction and wears.

20 Ltr Innova Mud Slurry System is equivalent to 1 M. Ton (1000 Kgs) of Bentonite.


1. Mixes easily in both fresh and salt water.
2. Allows for faster drilling.
3. Non-fermenting and nontoxic.
4. Reduces wear on pump and bits; unlike bentonite, Innova Mud Slurry System will always weigh approximately the same as water, therefore, requiring lower pump rate.
5. Eliminating swelling in most clays and shales.
6. Rapidly settles cuttings in bottom of pit.
7. Reduces fluid loss.
8. Can be readily broken down for easy disposal.

We will provide the Mixing Procedure also.


Brackish Water, Drilling Agent, Fluid Loss, Low Solids, Mud Remover, Settling Agent, Shale/Clay


Available in 20 Kgs & 50 Kgs Packing. Bulk Packings are also available.

We are approved Vendor from DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation)

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