Innova Mud Powder
In Lucknow

Innova Corporate (India), We are one of the leading Exporter, Manufacturer & suppliers in Lucknow of Innova Mud Powder from Delhi, India Based, Innova Mud Powder is an environmentally safe synthetic soil stabilizer in granular form which is designed to be used in place of bentonite as drilling fluid. Innova Mud Powder has the ability to quickly impart a very high viscosity (100 plus Marsh Funnel Viscosity) and creates fish-eye structures within its body to assist in plugging the walls of the borehole, which reduces fluid loss.

Innova Mud Powder slurries stabilize excavations, maintain cleaniness of the hole ,and promote stronger load capacity, at the same time Innova Mud Polymer slurries simplify the process of mixing, excavating and concrete placement. The slurries are renewable and recyclable. Worldwide Innova mud Powder has replaced Bentonite slurries.

Due to our Innova Mud Powder the soil particles quickly settle to the bottom of the excavation.

Innova Mud Powder can be used in Sand, In Clay, In Shale etc.

In Sand - Innova Mud Powder forms a matrix, binding the sand particles together.
In Clay - Innova Mud Powder encapsulates clay preventing water from hydrating the clay plates and inhibits swelling.
In Shale - Innova Mud Powder prevents slaking.


1. Mixes easily in both fresh and saltwater.
2. Non-fermenting and nontoxic.
3. Reduces wear on pump and bits; unlike bentonite, Innova Mud Powder will always weigh approximately
the same as water, therefore, requiring lower pump rate.
4. Eliminating swelling in most clays and shales.
5. Rapidly settles cuttings in bottom of pit and allows for faster drilling.
6. Reduces fluid loss.
7. Can be readily broken down for easy disposal.


Brackish Water, Drilling Agent, Fluid Loss Grout/Seal, Hardness, Low Solids, Mud Remover, Settling Agent, Shale/Clay, Surfactant


It is available in 25 Kgs, 50 Kgs Bag Packing.

We are approved Vendor from DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation)

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