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Innova Corporate (India), We are one of the leading Exporter, Manufacturer & suppliers in Lucknow of Innova Bond from Delhi, India Based, Innova Bond is a polymer of medium molecular weight, fully water-soluble. Thanks to its high content of active matter it is suitable for the treatment of primary waters as well as of domestic or industrial waste waters, where it can either replace completely or partially the inorganic coagulants used traditionalIy. Anyhow, it can be used in filtration, flotation and sedimentation systems, in the treatment of oily residues from waters containing organic matter, cellulose, Bentonite, etc . This coagulant is versatile, effective at low dosage it is practically unaffected by the pH and produces a compact sludge, easy to Dehydrate.

Chemical - Physical Characteristics
Physical state                 : Liquid
pH                                  : 5.0 - 7.0

Feeding - Dosage.
Innova Bond 201 must be diluted with water to a concentrations 5%. Innova Bond 201 must be added to the water at a point of medium turbulence, in order to obtain a complete and homogeneous mixing. Dosages must be determined through preliminary laboratory tests on representative samples of the turbid water that must be treated. We Innova Corporate (India) strongly recommend to use product as per guidance of Innova Corporate (India) Engineers.

Although we suggest using the following dosages:
1 : 40 ppm when used as primary coagulant,
0.1 : 10 ppm when used as coagulant adjuvant
0.2 and 0.5 : 20 ppm when used as filtration adjuvant.

Packaging - Storage
Innova Bond 201 is supplied in 200 kg & 50 kg drum. The product is stable at temperatures ranging from 5 to 35°C. If it is stored as it is in sealed containers, this product remains stable for about 12 months.

Health - Safety
Avoid contact with skin and eyes follow the industrial hygiene norms. This product is very Slippery, avoid spilling. The materials used for storing systems and feeding pumps must be corrosion-resistant.


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